Raison d’etre

Why study fantasy literature academically? Why do it in Glasgow?


I want to study fantasy literature because there is always something new, no matter the age of the story. The classics do offer something different each time one is read, but the canon is fixed. Fantasy as a genre and course of study in the 21st century is vast, with an infinite number of directions to take discussions and possible theses. The prevalence of fantasy in literature, film, and technology can be seen all over the world, from the creation of Glasgow’s Fantasy Masters Degree to international box office hits, from the development of the Dominator gun from Psycho Pass to impressive cosplay costumes at international conventions. The University of Glasgow has literature, film, and science all in one place, creating an ideal environment for the synthesis of ideas and applications of fantastic concepts.

At University of Glasgow I’m ready for analysis to surprise me and enable me to read fantasy texts in new ways, heightening my appreciation for the books I love and for the books I haven’t met yet. I look forward to working with fantasy in an academic setting, especially in Glasgow, where the heritage of Fantasy is rich and diverse. Additionally, the ability to physically explore Scotland as I connect ideas and cultures is tempting, and will do more to support and challenge me as a student of fantasy literature than any other country or institution could.
While I would like to teach at the collegiate level, I think the Master of Literature in Fantasy from Glasgow will open alternative paths on an international scale. I teach middle school Science, coach youth orchestra, and teach private harp, violin, and viola lessons, but doing all at once means that occasionally one gets shortchanged. In order to focus my attention and impact as a teacher and a leader, I have been looking for a field in which I felt comfortable, yet challenged. In that sense, finding Glasgow’s fantasy program felt like coming home. Reading the MLitt Fantasy course website I knew instinctively that I would be inspired and held responsible for my own success. Working with the internationally diverse community of literature lovers in Glasgow will be a privilege.

xox C

2 thoughts on “Raison d’etre

  1. I love your attitude…when did you ever think that I would say that? Especially considering the oft repeated phrase, “don’t give me any of your attitude”. Now I think that your attitude is a precious gift!

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