Pretending I Have Plenty of Time to do ALL the Things– Week 11

We had a few particularly pretty sunsets this week, so in case you haven’t ever seen one DON’T WORRY, I’ve got you covered.

Monday November 21: Monday turned out to be a pretty good day. We canceled our group meeting in favor of doing it electronically because our usual time didn’t quite work for everyone this week. I’m glad we did, as our group work didn’t suffer and I was home to receive the photo prints I had ordered. Mostly friends and previous trips in this batch! Here are the before and after shots:


Tuesday November 22: Kaitlin and I hung around after class for Dr. Creasey’s office hour. We wanted clarification and guidance on our final paper ideas, which we got… sort of. Matthew told us that we need to give him 3,500 words proving that we can make a critical evaluation/engagement/response to Decadence from our (supposedly) informed position. Finding those guidelines simultaneously helpful and discouraging, we proposed a few topics and he seemed interested enough for us to go away and see if we could coax anything brilliant out of our ideas. Varied success so far: snapchat-1960664579223725404

ALSO, KIM AND CHELSEA HAVE BOOKED THEIR FLIGHTS AND AIR BNB FOR VISITING ME IN APRIL!!!!!! I am BEYOND EXCITED, I miss them SO MUCH. Kate and Melly probably won’t be able to come, but that just means we’ll have to have one hell of a reunion party when I get home! screenshot_20161122-193838

Wednesday November 23: Meg and I went to Queer Theory at Nice N Sleazy and it was a blast!!  I got a chance to compliment one of our favorite acts, and they gave me a free CD. Small caveat of not having a disk drive has been remedied by ordering an external USB one, so we’ll see how that goes. All the acts were pretty good and Meg and I are hoping to catch a few of them at future shows and events 🙂

Thursday November 24: Class was pretty low-key for a H.P. Lovecraft day, but Ben’s presentation was interesting and one of the other English professors came to join our conversation. The real drama of the day was my fight with a recalcitrant grapefruit. I fussed over loosening the sections and STILL the ungrateful thing decided I’d be better served sprayed with juice instead of eating much of it at all. I was frustrated enough to purchase Black Friday grapefruit spoons… so now all I need is more grapefruit. I’m frickin’ ready.



Meg’s parents sent her a projector for Christmas so now the wall of her bedroom is a movie theatre. We watched a movie the other day, and some TV shows and whatnot, BUT WE WENT ALL OUT FOR GILMORE GIRLS. Pillows, blankets, projector, and a truly Gilmore Girls type spread of delivery food. We were both missing Thanksgiving at home, so we stretched the budget a bit and ordered about 10 different food items. It was beautiful and the new season was as good of a time as we were hoping.

Saturday November 26: I spent Saturday noodling around with my DecMod topic, trying to figure out how to flesh it out. I’m still not sure if I can make it work, but I’ve poured over the library catalogue for a few books I think might help. Fantasy wise, I ordered a book I’m hoping I can make my primary text for the final. I won’t tell you what it is until I’ve read it and decided how to use it, so pray for me.

ANOTHER SUNSET IN CASE YOU FORGOT WHAT ONE LOOKED LIKE. (Flora got the shot form the Library, and mine is out my window!)


Sunday November 27: After the blog I’m going to go on a bit of a cleaning bender. The kitchen is stressing me out… it really can’t support six people when it’s intended for five and built for three. If I get out of the house for groceries it will be a miracle, though the call of a grapefruit I can best is a compelling one.

Next week is the last week of classes, then I have a week of writing before my finals are due on the 11th. There may or may not be a post next week, depending on what I’ve managed to get done and what fun break events I talk myself into. Wish me luck, two and a half weeks until IRELAND!!

-xox C



4 thoughts on “Pretending I Have Plenty of Time to do ALL the Things– Week 11

  1. Hello there! It’s positively braw to see you on here. I’m sorry about the CD – you’re lucky I didn’t bring my cassettes along (partial joke: I have genuinely considered that format). Thank you again for your support and loan of your earring. Stupidly I left that out of my description of events, I should redraft it accordingly. Take care X


    1. Oh my gosh, hi!! The external drive worked out wonderfully, so no worries!! I absolutely love the CD, especially Secret Poem #1, Bandage, A Promise, Angry at Shadows, and Breakaway. Don’t worry, I almost brought my cassette player to Uni but then I decided the space was better used by literally anything else.
      It was my pleasure, I love it when wearing my picks works out. My instrument is decidedly not guitar so I always hope no one asks me to use them myself. I’m really looking forward to future performances, please do keep us all apprised of shows and events!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for your feedback! I don’t often get that about the CD and am very chuffed when it happens. I have roughly 4 gigs lined up, 3 are in March and ones on New Years eve would you believe. My Facebook should hopefully advertise these nearer the time. Thank you also for following me, it’s nice to see someone on here I’ve actually met! X


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