Jafet’s Birthday Week! The Positives of Week 9.


Glossing over a lot of the negatives of this week, the things that went well here went REALLY WELL. I have friends that love me and who can commiserate with me, I got to be part of a few special events for other people, and we’re all turning our attention to what we can do to protect others and how to face the things we fear.

Monday November 7: It’s hard to have super productive group meetings when none of us really get what’s being asked of us. HOWEVER, my group rocks and we usually end up with something intelligent to say every week.This week in DecMod the topic was degeneration. We read Jekyll and HydeThe Island of Dr.Moreau, and “Mark of the Beast.” I’m not sure if anyone in our class has given much thought to the final paper, but that’s creeping up on us… Fortunately, Kaitlin, Beatrice, and Nicola are all approaching the course from different academic backgrounds and I feel like our group manages to cover quite a few different perspectives and interpretations of the texts we’re assigned. I’m really lucky to be in a group with them, I think we might be one of the groups which best fits together. Hopefully we’ll be able to toss ideas around together as the end of the course draws near. Also, we’re hoping for our midterm grades back by the 21st or 22nd.

Tuesday November 8: HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY JAFTET!! We got him a dinosaur onesie, hand-warmers, dino-feet slippers, and we all went out to dinner with some of Jafet’s friends from his course. It started to snow on the way home, the first snow Jafet had ever seen!


Meg and I stayed up all night to watch the election results. Flora stayed with us until about 5am when things looked bleak enough for her to just go to bed. Meg and I waited until 8am and then shut the blinds and went to bed.


Wednesday November 9: …stayed home and was sad.

Before bed I checked my email and received an acceptance email to the Masters+Certification program in CT for next year. So that’s good. I have to talk to them about logistics still, but..

Thursday November 10: Pulled it together. Watching the first episode of Planet Earth II and the loveliness of my new raincoat helped immensely. It’s the little things, you know?

I did some retail therapy Thursday night as well, I got a ticket to a local showing of the Fantastic Beasts premiere on the 17th. Next week is going to be super busy, especially in the later half of the week. 🙂 It should be a nice treat before the end of the semester crunch really sets in.

Friday November 11: HARRY POTTER PUB CRAWL. I went as Ginny Weasley from Chamber of Secrets and felt inordinately pleased with myself for going the rooster blood/feathers/diary route. The details came together once I was already at the starting point and I forgot to take pictures of them, but you can get the idea from what I did manage to remember to take! It was a culture shock moment to watch other people arriving and realize that I don’t have the USA novelty of being (probably) the only redhead at the party!! Decidedly odd and decidedly cool.

Ingrid and I started at Firewater, then went to Campus, Driftwood, Bunker, Hard Rock Cafe, Revolution, and Cathouse. Several of the bars were running promotional drink offers for our pub crawl groups, so the themed shots and cocktails were a ton of fun for a relatively reasonable price. (Cathouse’s bathroom was covered in comics!)15032372_10208819023766384_263540444_n20161111_173616snapchat-804121198495136020520161111_20364620161111_20161320161111_225154snapchat-8418083456147597544

Saturday November 12: I ordered a few books from Amazon that I’m hoping will be helpful for my courses… not that I need to assign myself MORE to read.

Sunday November 13: Ordered groceries because I have free delivery and it’s bleak outside. Now that this is sorted I’m back to reading and room cleaning. Stay tuned for next week, highlights include Fantasy Film Club, Fantasy speakers, movie premiere, and my first visit to the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

-xox C

“We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy” ~Albus Dumbledore

3 thoughts on “Jafet’s Birthday Week! The Positives of Week 9.

  1. I’ve been so bad not been keeping up with your adventures but I can finally say I’m all caught up! Unfortunately, I just gloss over the heavy literature stuff (sorry) but that leaves me time to notice things like all the lovely earrings you’ve been wearing! I love every one of your wardrobe purchases, especially the boots and the onesies. I must share the website you ordered those from with my daughter. And those shell butterflies were way cool! Sounds like it’s all going so well for you. Oh, I almost forgot, happy belated birthday!!! Hugs and kisses!


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