Week 8

Nothing like jumping right back into things.

Monday October 31: The Creative Conversations Lecture this week was with Kirsty Logan, a former GU creative writing graduate, now a published author. Held in the campus Chapel, the lecture was part reading part interview. Kirsty was kind enough to sign my copy of her novel The Gracekeepers. Check out how pretty the chapel is!


Tuesday November 1: Dec Mod was moved to Wednesday, so I had the day to catch up on some course reading. Anxious for my onesie to arrive! SARAH SENT ME MAIL FROM BmC! I definitely cried, I had notes from each of my students and a card and gift from Sarah. ❤ ❤ So freaking sweet, it was exactly what I needed after the stresses of midterms.

Wednesday November 2: Lecture at 12, DecMod 2-4. Pretty standard, moderately engaging, happily in the past.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, ONESIES ARRIVED. I’m a hedgehog, Meg is a Bat, and Kaitlin is a Dragon!snapchat-6942660431816442458snapchat-3814808857457821063snapchat-171508356971400043920161106_12551220161106_12552320161106_125604


Thursday November 3: This week’s text in Fantasy was The Well at the World’s End and honestly I don’t recommend it. I think we read it because it is cited as a text that inspired Tolkien and his ilk. I can see how that might be the case, but I also would rather have re-read Castle of Otranto in terms of quality literature. (Really, it was painful)

Friday November 4: Research Training Seminar. UGH. I hate it. Another stupid assignment I don’t have time for and an afternoon wasted.

Saturday November 5: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!! Happy Guy Fawkes Day and Bonfire Night to everybody. Quick clarification for non-brits, Guy Fawkes was a monarchist and most brits i’ve talked to about it acknowledge and then promptly ignore that fact in favor of celebrating a failed attempt at blowing up Parliament. Apparently we kind of just ignore that in favor of parties and fireworks. It’s all good.

Saturday morning and afternoon was girl time! Flora, Meg and I walked into the city to go to the vintage kilo fair and have lunch at Scotia. We had a few hours at home to recover before we went out as a flat to Glasgow Green to see the fireworks and funfair. Then we went out to a belated dia de los muertos dance party in the west end. A lot of walking happened and I could have done with significantly less, but everybody had a good time.

Sunday November 6: I have to finish my reading for tomorrow and start practicing. I’ve sort of joined a fledgling student chamber orchestra, so I need to get ready for the first rehearsal. I don’t have enough time from week to week to really give it as much as I would have at home, but as long as they keep it pretty low key it should just be some good craic.

xox C

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