Reading Week/ Week 7 (aka Midterm Writing Week)

Hiya! Reading week spanned 10/24-10/28, during which I wrote my two midterm papers.

I didn’t have classes to attend that week, but I did spend time with my classmates for writing company.

Monday October 24: Mostly a recovery day from the Skye trip. I want to get those photos and posts up, but the sheer number of them is overwhelming and I just can’t afford the time right now. It was beautiful and mostly easy… I’ll get to it when I can. Sorry!!

Tuesday October 25: A gorgeous day, the snapchat below was submitted to the University account by another student. I was drafting my DecMod paper on Tuesday, so I didn’t go outside at all, unfortunately. screenshot_20161025-141626

Tuesday also happened to be the day before my birthday, which I had kind of pushed to the back burner in favor of midterms. I remembered to take a picture though, my last picture of being 23. OOoooOOOo. Whatever. screenshot_20161025-152728

Wednesday October 26: On my actual birthday I wrote and submitted my DecMod paper. I felt this earned me chips and drinks with my flatmates, so we went out for a quick bite that night. My flatmates gave me awesome presents, the sweeties. Flora gave me a truly divine smelling set of Joules lotions/butters/scrubs in an adorable tin box, Jafet gave me a glasses square with Mexican flowers on it, and Meg got me a map of fictional London!!


Thursday October 27th: I changed the topic and thesis for my Fantasy midterm. That was such an achievement I took a coloring break. (that’s my bedspread) I had been banging my head against the wall for about a week and a half trying to make my previous paper topic HAPPEN, and it just wasn’t working. Once I switched texts and changed my critical approach everything came together.

Friday October 28th: I wrote my Fantasy paper and did my stupid assignment for our research training seminar.I called in the calvary and sent my paper to Squad for editing.

Saturday October 29th: I puttered around doing the around the house things that had gone neglected over the week and did my first few drafts of revising. I also did a considerable amount of patting myself on the back for having actually written my papers.

Sunday October 30th: Squad was together already and we managed a video conference read through and edit. They’re amazing, I love them SO MUCH. Who else has friends who get amped at the idea of helping a friend edit a paper? My stone cold pack of weirdos and I were made for each other. Sunday afternoon I submitted the paper*** and promptly lay down for a (mostly) anxiety free nap. Sunday night Meg and I went to a pyjama party at her classmate’s house. While we did actually wear our pj’s it turned out that the majority of people there had ONESIES. SUPER CUTE ONESIES. So when I got home I orderd a hedgehog one, Meg ordered a bat one, Kaitlin ordered a dragon, and Flora is still vacillating between a peacock and an owl! Picture next week when the onesies arrive.

***Grades for midterms will not be returned until at least the 21st of November.

xox C

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