Highlights of Week 6

In the interest of saving time and getting to the good stuff which was my weekend trip to the Isle of Skye, please assume that week six followed the exact same format as previous weeks. Yes, I had classes, yes, I spent money, no, I don’t have any improved sense of what I’m going to do with my life. Cool, now that’s sorted, here are the highlights from the week!

Monday October 17: Meg and I went to a Rakugo performance! snapchat-1572992824138915665

Rakugo is sit-down comedy, and our session was performed by Katsura Sunshine who had to undergo formal storyteller training. It was informative and funny, and FREE! A huge success, we’re looking forward to hearing more from the Japanese Consulate.

Tuesday October 18: I ordered a new raincoat! It ought to last me years, and I think it will be a good combination of sensible and posh. I’ll post pictures when it finally gets here. Class on Tuesday included some varied writings, but no epiphanies on my part.snapchat-8886087412004636599The book in the top right corner was edited by my professor, so of course that’s the one we used. Tuesday also included a talk by John Oliver, focused mostly on his career as an editor and publisher.

Thursday October 19: I got a UK number! snapchat-7960376187982295472


I also had a battle for the laundry machines, which I won due to the underhanded and undignified move of running ahead of the person walking in front of me and shutting the door quickly so they’d have to take the time to unlock the door themselves.

Thursday night we went out! Flora left Friday morning for home, and Meg left Friday night for Dublin, so with me leaving Saturday morning for Skye, Thursday flat night was our only option!


Friday October 22: Packing and essay planning!


NOW, on to the trip! There will be MULTIPLE posts, organized chronologically. If you message me confused because you started in the middle I will ignore you. Be prepared for lots of pictures!

xox C

One thought on “Highlights of Week 6

  1. I didn’t make the connection at all about your professor as editor! Was that one of the books purchased in advance? Very cool. Also; I didn’t realize that you needed to be as aggressive ( just about vicious!) to achieve your laundry victory. Better be nice (or earlier) next time. 🙂 AND … HAPPY BIRTHDAY OCT 26th, 2016 age 24 ! LOVE you Always, Carrianne! xoxox MOM


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