The Month Closes Out- Week 4

All of a sudden we’re here at the end of my first month in Scotland! It does not feel like a month, but I’m intensely aware that now there are only 11 months left. This year may pass too quickly.
Sunday October 3rd:
TROON!! Troon was wonderful, a day by the sea was exactly what we needed. The train ride to the coast was simple, we were on our way for £9.10 round trip with only one small transfer at Glasgow Central. The whole train trip itself wasn’t much longer than an hour, and it was not the least bit crowded.
Troon is a beautiful little town. We have no concept of the normal weather there nor of the shortcomings of the place, but based on the views we’ve decided that it would be a lovely place to live. We had lunch at Lido, an apparently popular place, where the prices seemed fair and they offered doggie bowls for the four-legged guests in the patio seating section. After clearing our plates of a tasty lunch, we began our walk. It is roughly five miles around the peninsula if one aims for both Troon beach and Barassie beach, which we did! screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-1-01-21-pmGo check out the pictures to see the dogs and the views we met with on our walk!
Monday October 3rd:
The morning meetings at the Gilchrist are probably going to be a semester long occurrence. We have a new group member which is wonderful because it enables us to split the reading better as well as hear another perspective during discussion. Tuesday the 11th is our presentation for DecMod, so stay tuned for news of how that goes!
Monday felt very productive, as I was able to run some errands on the way home and treat myself to a few tickets for upcoming weekend plans.
Tuesday October 4th:
TUESDAY WAS A GOOD DAY. I got my hair cut in the morning, had class, set up a UK bank account, my WELLIES ARRIVED, and I went to Scratch Night at The Poetry Club, which is right down the street from my dorm. Here are my new boots:snapchat-3969199231051463757snapchat-7119111450717027509snapchat-175910089765912397
 Naturally the weather has been clear and beautiful, so my boots have not yet had their first outing. Never fear, I’ve been assured the weather will soon enthusiastically deteriorate.
Wednesday October 5th:
Started out not so great. My computer charger broke with my computer at only 50% battery. After lecture I had a tasty personal pizza with two friends from class, but I was anxious to resolve my computer problem. I tried the ‘local’ apple store, and they didn’t have a charger for this early 2011 computer in stock. That sucked, and I booked it home only to discover that I had just missed the delivery of a package or two and would have to wait until Friday for redelivery. Shaking that off, I bit the bullet and ordered a new charger, with the understanding it would arrive the next day.
Thursday October 6th:
No, the charger did not show up. That aside, Thursday was a great day. After our keeners meeting at 10, the two presentations my friends gave in class were AWESOME. Ingrid’s was Adapted Imagination: Searching for the ‘Original’ Peter Pan, and Beatrice’s was Narration in Peter and Wendy: Whose Voice is it, Anyway? As a class we had a fun discussion, and I think several people were inspired to find new approaches to their topics. I’m really looking forward to future power-points, my peers have cool insights and interpretations which will make for dynamic presentations.
Thursday evening included two fun events. Firstly, my flatmate Flora was planning on attending a toga party for the Classics Society… but she didn’t have a toga, nor even a plain bed sheet. NEVER FEAR, I was all over it. (It’s amazing what one can do with some ribbon, binder clips, two pillowcases, and two paperclips)
Check out Flora’s Pillowcase Toga! These are our test photos, just to see if she liked the look. I didn’t manage to get any pictures when she was truly all done up, but I made her grapes to hang on her belt, and she had purple ribbon in her hair, as well as a purple ribbon to keep the pleats in her shoulder sash. Truly a royal figure on the cutting edge of Roman fashion:
After Flora was all set to go, Ingrid came over so that we could go see Fifth Harmony at the SSE Hydro! Below are some pictures from the evening, no videos because my site can’t host them without upgrading. Hover your mouse over a photo to see its caption!

All in all, a wonderful night!


Friday October 7th:

A well deserved day in. My computer and charger arrived, Mom sent my favorite tea from home, my Grandpa sent me a thoughtful card, and the whole thing made me tear up just a little. I didn’t get much of anything done… mostly because I just didn’t feel like it. I lazed about, read a couple chapters from a few critical theory texts, made tasty food, watched some Outlander, and straightened up my room a bit. I wrote a list for Saturday and prepped my workspace for completing the listed things, but that was quite enough for a Friday!

Saturday October 8th:

Damned if the first three things on that blasted list from Friday didn’t take me twice as long as anticipated! I did manage to finish my homework for Research Training, finish an application, and write a letter before getting out of the house to make it to the post office and the grocery store. I came home and Facetimed with my dad while I made lunch, and then did two of the three things left on my list. Unfortunately the less appealing item was not accomplished, and must be completed today the 9th instead!

Sunday October 9th:

Whoa boy, did I sleep in. I won’t tell you how terribly, but I am not nearly as bright eyed and bushy tailed as I ought to be. After getting the pictures in order on this post I’ve got to eat and then buckle down, so cheer me on with a comment or a follow, and I’ll see if I can earn the “productive weekend” gold star. Two very cool outings (which are part of the same event) are happening next week, so in order to include the Sunday event, look for a post later in the day!

8 thoughts on “The Month Closes Out- Week 4

  1. Carrianne, I’m loving reading all this! Thanks so much for doing it and including us. You seem to have a ton of energy and to be having a ton of fun in addition to learning a ton! Would like to hear a bit more about the academic content as it is all so foreign to me. Love your Wellies! Love, Johanna

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Johanna! I’ll keep the academic content in mind, I just don’t want to bore anybody.
      AREN’T MY WELLIES SO PRETTY?! I’m so glad you like them, I want to try to bring them home with me as long as they prove excellent. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Those wellies are the best!!! Bring on the bad weather. I ove reading about your experiences Carrianne. It’s a vicarious thrill. You’re a wonderful writer 😍 too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Carrianne good to hear of your adventures. Next time you go near any kind of “moisture” take some images of the local boats.

    I noticed an Aussie flag in one image. Is your flat mate Flora from the land down under ?

    Here at home Carrianne the boat is ashore, The “Donald ” is sinking and the Mathew ( hurricane)missed us, in New England.

    Did you know they celebrate my birthday big time in the UK. can you guess what they call it ?

    Love Granpa Jack

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Will do, Grandpa! There’s a cool ship moored up the river from me, and I’m hoping to find time to check it out in the next few weeks.
      The Aussie flag is mine, actually! It was a gift from the family I stayed with when I was in Perth. Flora is from Manchester, so decidedly closer than Oz.
      That is good news! Hmmm, is it Guy Fawkes?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey! LOVE the love the labeled photos. Ingrid is cute! and Flora’s pillowcase toga is absolutely stunning. Flora lookks as if she coud pull off any fashion assignment. Gramdma liz will be proud of your ingenuity (as i am as well) – and delighted that you have a daring friend to dress.

    Sounds like the concert was really fun (and really loud). Very good that you took a photo of your dorm on the way home. Looks a bit forelorn compared with the color and excitement of the “Hydro”. And… I didn’t get it that there was a pedestran overpass for that highway – So i guess it is easy and safe to walk? your photo “The view of the SSE Hydro from the middle of the highway overpass” is really a good shot.

    I too, would like more of the academics but I am gettng the jist of it. Am jealous that Daddy got face time, but I suppose he is quite happy about it.

    The GBP has taken a real beating! I bet the banks are in NO hurry to trade currency as they will have to Give you MANY MORE pounds than a few weeks ago. Right now each GBP at the oanda 0% fee rate is: 1GBP only costs us $1.24. Fingers crossed that you arrange a good bank account and good phone plan . AND GO to the violin shop! look up someone in the Glasgow Music Department! introduce yourself!

    Keep up the good work . Eat lots of Protien. XOXOX Mom


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