4 thoughts on “TROON!!

  1. Lovely! Looks like you are doing a lot of walking. Good for the health! You will surely lose weight too! Love, Johanna


  2. WOW nice set of images. What a lovely place and the weather looks so grand. So nice of all to get to such a beautiful place. Where are these set of friends from ? I was impressed with the train station. So airy and full of light.

    Carrianne did you ever think of photo journalism ?? Especially now that you are in Fantasy land.

    I can just see the words ……….The castle looked gloomy Inside was a beautiful princess waiting to be rescued. But a 6 headed dragon lie lurking in the gloom,hidden to all but the pure of heart Does such a person exist thought our princess. Must she look out to sea forever? But then on the horizon a strange ship hove into sight. It’s sails glinting in a stray shaft of sunlight straying through the ominous clouds……..

    Granpa Jack


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