Long Days, Short Week.

This week flew by, but each day seemed to take forever. Odd, huh?

Monday September 26th:

Monday was maybe the nicest day of the week. I met with my group from my Decadence and the Modern class at the Gilchrist post-grad club. Though we met at 11 to do our classwork we hung out for hours after or work was done. I’m so relieved to have sharp, funny, kind classmates. I was worried that it would be too much like undergrad classes where the attendees were unmotivated and unprepared, but NO WORRIES. These folks are pretty much great, and I think it will be a solid environment for trading ideas and opinions.

For Decadence and the Modern, which meets Tuesdays, we’re expected to meet outside of class once a week to prepare a passage for discussion. It certainly ups the ante for accountability and focus, and though I may drag my heels on several of these texts and supplementary essays, I think it’ll be a good strategy to help me maintain a handle on the material.

Monday saw the arrival of my printer, which will be used by the flat instead of killing ourselves over fighting with printer credit and lines and general bullshit at the library! I also began to accumulate various kitchen staples…. many of you know I’m a stress baker… Monday set the stage for some peanut butter chews and Nutella disk cakes. 🙂

Tuesday September 27th:

DecMod class 12-14. It turns out that the group of us who met on Monday, (Kaitlin, Beatrice, and myself), were the only group who managed to meet and submit a passage for discussion! Our professor’s email was vague, but we went the ‘better safe than sorry’ route and it totally paid off. It was presentation week for another group, so we spent most of our discussion on poems by Swinburne and Rossetti. I’m still not sure what the overarching takeaway is supposed to be from the course, but I think it might end up being more self-generated than anticipated.

Wednesday September 28th:

We had our first lecture on a theorist at 12. Dr. Robert Maslen presented on Tzvetan Todorov, a structuralist in his approach to Fantasy as a genre. I was extremely relieved that the passages I had highlighted and commented on in Todorov’s text The Fantastic were basically exact matches for the quotes Rob put on his powerpoint. It was so much easier to follow along, and I was able to focus on his examples and excerpts from literary texts instead of trying to speed-write the big passages.

From 2-3 we had our Library induction. Fairly standard, but several helpful resources were explained to us. I think the librarian is practically salivating at the thought of Masters students actually USING the library resources for our projects… I got the feeling that the librarians who deal with the undergrads are already just a little bit tense.

3-4 was a lovely afternoon tea all together in the Fraser Building across from the library. We always have trouble finding space that fits all of us, but we claimed an area for the group and fetched drinks. I want to go back to that particular dining space because I’m pretty sure I saw delicious personal pizzas being made, and I am ALL ABOUT THAT.

Thursday September 29th:

Keeners, keeners! A group from my Core Course met at half nine Thursday morning to have a pre-class discussion about the readings. Turns out that Rob read a different version of one of the texts than we did, so our morning group work was put to good use in engaging in comparisons. Ingrid took the lead for us in class and I’m really looking forward to her presentation this coming week. Like I said, it’s a treat to be in classes with other people who are competent and bright. I miss Squad so much; Mel, Chels, Kim, Kate, you guys would adore it here. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELLY BABY!)

Friday September 30th:

UGH. UGGGHHHHHHHH. Research Training Seminar 10-16. UGGGHHHH!!!!  TO be fair, Dr. Bryony Randall did her best in the morning session, and the afternoon portion had it’s high points, but anyone who expects be to walk away with a clear head and organized thoughts after six hours of being talked AT is absolutely crazy. It was also not ideal after what felt like long day after long day, even though I was surprised to find it was already Friday.

The salvation of the week was the fact that Friday was Meg’s 25th birthday. Flora went home this weekend to collect her birthday presents from home, so it was just the four f us. Richard, Jafet, Meg, and I took Meg out for Indian, and the restaurant was well priced and beautifully appointed. I think everybody enjoyed themselves, and Meg and I were given a rose each at the end of dinner! An absolutely lovely touch, I think we’d all be happy to go back there.

Saturday OCTOBER 1st:

Happy Halloween and Carrianne’s Birthday Month, the two most important autumnal fixtures. So this morning started with a fire drill! HOW GREAT IS THAT. Please enjoy this photo of the oppressive (and freaking cold) fog that greeted us when the fire alarm went off. snapchat-446930672005329969

For comparisons sake, here’s a picture from week one:

Maclay Rm 4 window view

You may or may not register that I’m posting on Saturday instead of Sunday. I’m hoping to get all of my course work and general home tasks done today so I can go to the coast with my flatmates tomorrow. This might be the last weekend where we’d all be free, and we’re ready for a change of scenery. I’ll take pictures if we end up going, so check back in next week for an update.

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xox C

5 thoughts on “Long Days, Short Week.

  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying class, friends and good professors. The pictures of the area outside the firedrill look glum.
    Were you really cold ??? It’s been a dreary week here. Cool and rainy. BTW have you gotten a chance to make some music ?

    Much love Granpa Jack

    PS keep up the blog as we are hanging on it.


  2. hi honey read just a litte bit … am jmping to send a comment before i forget…. about the overarching take away and along those lines .. the essential questions from Sacred Heart might be your ticket to success. Don’t forget to use that concept./ those concepts.. they were good questions so you probably gain points –and insight- by continuing to use them!


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