4 thoughts on “Balloch!

  1. I’m enjoying those pic’s Carrianne. One is so typical of you Your friend is all bundled up with a hoodie but you … it looks by the way you are dressed,like a warm summer day.Be careful about sun burn.


  2. 63 degrees wow . I wonder what winter will be like ? Your Mom said the envelope I sent you before you went away finally got there. I think she is mailing it along to you. So glad you are having fun and meeting new people and all with different study aims. I hope you get a chance to use you musicianship.

    Love Granpa Jack

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    1. I’m looking forward to finding out! Yes, I should be getting it some time today.
      I definitely will! One of my flatmates is a guitarist, one does theatre, and the other two are enthusiastically participatory. xoxo


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