Fees (OVERVIEW/part 1)

Grad school is horrifically expensive. Like… this is absurd, why are there so many digits in these numbers?

Please don’t forget I’ll be talking about fee schedules as they relate to me, a non EU international postgraduate taught program attendee! (On a Mac computer press ‘option’ and 3 to get the symbol for £, GBP). This post is intended to outline the fees at their most basic level. I hope to post budget pages/fee breakdowns/banking mumbo jumbo at a later date.

Alright, for starters, the fee for JUST THE MLITT COURSE IS £15,250, which equals about $22,124.2 according to OANDA conversions today June 20 2016. The housing contract I was awarded happened to be one of the more expensive, running me around £7,000. On average, I’m hearing people tell me that in order to have a comfortable year in Glasgow I’m going to want to have at least £12,000 ($17,409).

Right off the bat, I’m staring down the barrel of roughly £34,250, or just under $50,000. To be fair, Columbia University in New York, where I considered but didn’t apply, expects $74,128 per year/£51,095 (including tuition, housing and some fees) and the program takes you multiple years.

So, we’ve got our £34,250 for Glasgow staring right back at us from the abyss.

I worked my ass off during my last two undergrad years in order to quality for scholarships for academic excellence. Luckily my transcripts and UoG’s allotment of funds synced up and I scored some help. In addition to the scholarship, stars aligned in familial circumstances and I received staggeringly generous help from my Grandpa.

As the dust is settling, I’m seeing that I still need about £13,000, roughly £10,000 of which I’ve been squirreling away from working one full time job and three or four part time jobs all year. Unfortunately, none of the money I have, or that I’ve listed for you as still needed include things like: continuing payments on student loans, car insurance, TEIR 4 STUDENT VISA FEE, luggage, books, traveling once I’m over there, renting a harp, return flight for next year, etc.

Literally the biggest draw of this program (besides FANTASY LIT, obviously) is that one can earn a Masters in a year. If I needed to spend all this money twice I would likely die tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Not cool, no thanks.

If debt doesn’t bother you that much, or you have some other strategies, join me as I become the (fantastically broke) recipient of a fancy receipt that says “MLitt Fantasy Literature”!

xox C


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