If you’re considering applying to Glasgow’s Fantasy MLitt just do it! Scroll down for deadlines remaining for this year.

Last year, 2015-2016, was the first year of the program. There were seven Fantasy canaries braving the mine shaft for the rest of us, and to all reports they’re as happy as could be. My year, this coming September-September 16/17, we seem to have around 30 accepted candidates, though I’m unsure how many of that number have in return confirmed their attendance.

The basics of applying can be found on the program website, and they’re the standard 3-4k writing sample, 1-2 letters of recommendation, GPA above a 3.0 or a 2.1 Honours, and personal statement. Applications are to be completed and submitted ONLINE.

My application had two letters of recommendation (one from my department head and one from a challenging professor), a 4,000 word writing sample (edited down from a 13,000 word paper written for undergrad), a 3.8 GPA (Magna Cum Laude,  2.1/1 honours depending on the institution), and a quirky but forthright personal statement.

The other details to make sure you have on hand when applying include: a copy of your degree certificate, transcripts (NOT ELECTRONIC, mine got lost THRICE, so have them mail the damn things), and a passport photo page copy. *Make sure all electronic documents are in PDF format.* This got me stuck for a day or two while I fussed with scanning and reformatting.


  • International applications (non-EU): 22 July 2016 
  • UK and EU applications: 26 August 2016


SO GO APPLY!! The more the merrier. It is, after all, a fantastic experience to share! 😉

Keep an eye out for a post that begins broaching the FEES issue(s), especially as they pertain to me, a non EU International student.

xox C

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