Where to begin?

As an American (as opposed to a UK or EU native) the hurdles of applying to do graduate work abroad seem unending. Before I arrive in September I plan on talking through some of the most important parts of preparation. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES and send me a mental high five for the things I didn’t entirely mess up.

Tickets? easy (except for paying with real money instead of earning rewards points).

Actually applying to school? not so bad (except for applying so early nobody was ready to deal with me).

Tripping over myself with excitement? a sinch (except for realizing that I do not, in fact, have all that much spare time in which to read or breathe or slow down omggetmeadonutandanapSTAT)!

Literally everything else? OH MY GOODNESS, IT JUST KEEPS COMING.

Look for the next series of entries detailing the ups and downs and haven’t quite got it sorted aspects of my adventure!

xox C


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